Best Content Marketing Strategies For Your Home Service Business

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The growth of digital marketplaces and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have changed how homeowners search for professionals to handle their home service projects. 

Home services include lawn care, plumbing, HVAC repair, flooring, roofing, and so on. If you’re from this industry and looking for a way to attract these “modern” clients, content marketing is worth a shot. 

Content marketing in digital marketing is the process of creating and sharing informative pieces of web content to promote your brand. According to statistics, this type of online marketing generates three times more leads than traditional marketing. 

Here are the best content marketing strategies proven and tested to bring you more home service jobs.

1. Start a blog

Starting a blog helps you get found online. Clients nowadays jump to Google and type questions like “How do I repair a roof leak?” or “What’s the best flooring type for garages?”. If you’re consistent in producing keyword-rich blog posts around the topics your target audience is looking for, Google will position your website high in search results.

Blogging also helps you establish yourself as an expert. By providing valuable information that solves people’s home services-related problems, you can gain their trust and put your name in the front of their minds the next time they need professional work. 

2. Post photos

People want to see that you’re a real business and can do what they’re looking for. Sharing photos of your past projects (portfolio), your office, or your crew is a great way to reassure them that you’re operating. It can also help you build your reputation and stand out from competitors. As they say—let your work speak for itself.

You can share your photos on your website, blog posts, social media accounts, and online directories like Google My Business to reach more people. 

3. Create videos

Did you know that people retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text? Internet users have short attention spans, so posting videos about your home services can be an effective way to catch their “eye” and make it easier for them to digest information. 

You can use video marketing to show your potential customers how you work, the jobs you have completed in the past, or even teach them how to do their own home repairs or maintenance (tutorial videos). Here are other the video content you can create for your home service business:

  • Client testimonial videos
  • Company culture videos
  • FAQ videos
  • Explainer videos
  • How-to videos
  • Vlogs

4. Share reviews, testimonials, and customer stories

Sometimes, the most effective content marketing strategy isn’t made by you but by your actual clients. Customer testimonials focus on social proof and can help you convince potential clients that they can also trust you because other homeowners have chosen to talk well about your service. Remember, people trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations.

Testimonials, reviews, and customer stories must be posted on your website and shared on your social media profiles to elevate your brand reputation and win more home services jobs. 

Producing meaningful content may require more time and effort from you, but once you have a solid content marketing strategy in place, it’ll be easier to bring your services in front of potential clients and get them to choose you over other contractors in your area. 
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