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Take advantage of paid ads to get instant traffic, increase brand awareness, and garner new revenue straightaway.

PPC Ads Boost Brand Awareness By Up To 80%

Pay per click advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) are both keys to digital marketing success. But if you’re the aggressive type of entrepreneur and want immediate results, PPC advertising is the best route to take. Pay per click advertising is one of the simplest methods for garnering attention and generating new customers quickly. Google AdWords, the biggest player in advertising platforms, works to target potential leads and those searching for services similar to your own.

Through means of conducting a thorough keyword search, Sprout Digital will generate ads targeting an audience pertinent to those you are trying to reach. PPC ads put your company front and center. Besides that, when your ad gets clicks, you’ll make back the money you put into creating it.


65% of customers click on PPC ads.

Pay Per Click Advertising, The Sprout Digital Way

Choosing which digital marketing method to use for your brand is not an easy feat. While most business owners have the patience to wait for the outcome of their SEO efforts, some want instant results. This is where PPC advertising comes in.

Sprout Digital is a master of both strategies and can expertly recommend when your business should optimize and when it should spend money for traffic. We have set up numerous PPC campaigns for our clients, and all of them have generated immediate results that are measurable and easy to track. As a digital marketing company that knows the ins and outs of paid ads, we can help startups, small businesses, and struggling medium and large-sized companies rise above the competition.

How Strong Is Your Business Website?

Our Paid Advertising Services





PPC Campaign Setup

Where should you advertise? Which keywords do you want to bid on? How much budget should you allocate for your ads? Creating a PPC campaign isn’t as easy as it may seem. But worry not because Sprout Digital won’t leave you to dry.

Our team will be present every step of the way, from planning and organizing to implementing your campaign. We will shoulder the burden of setting up your campaign so you can just sit back and relax as you watch traffic flowing into your website.

ppc audit

PPC Campaign Audits

Sprout Digital’s audit specialists are here to aid in your pay-per-click campaign. Our team will figure out the best ad formats and extensions for your sites, guiding you to success in your market industry through PPC advertising and, ultimately, Google search rankings.

If you have already started your PPC campaign, we can also help you assess it to ensure it is driving results to your business and determine where else you can improve it. We conduct our PPC campaign audits on a routine basis to make the most of your PPC strategy.

Bing Advertisements

Around six million searches are performed every month on Bing. Besides that, Bing has three search engines, including Yahoo and AOL, that when you advertise on a single platform, you can see your ad on all three. Just imagine the amount of audience you can reach!

Sprout Digital won’t let you pass up that opportunity, which is why we’ll optimize your website with Bing advertisements, increasing the likelihood of potential customers stumbling upon your site.

bing ads
social media ads

Paid Social Media Ads

Surely, you’ve seen paid advertisements on social media – and it’s no surprise!

More than four billion people across the world use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Statistics say that businesses will even spend more on social media advertisements in 2022. At Sprout Digital, we won’t recommend brands to advertise on all the social platforms. We will determine which social media site your audience is present on and advertise accordingly.

Add PPC Advertising To Your Digital Marketing Mix.

With Sprout Digital’s Pay Per Click advertising services, we can instantly increase traffic to your website, help you target the right audience, and convert that audience into leads.

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