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Social Media Marketing, The Sprout Digital Way

The power of social media cannot be denied. A couple of posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn can introduce new customers to your brand. But you don’t have to be “everywhere”. Sprout Digital will only set you up on the platforms where your customers are hanging out so you can get the most out of your efforts. Are you a food business? Facebook and Instagram are the best channels for you. Are you a B2B company? LinkedIn is the perfect place to be.

From there, our team will develop a social media marketing strategy that fits your offerings. Quality content creation and consistent posting build trust, and those are what we do. We are backed by expert copywriters, graphic artists, and social media managers who are happy to share what you have in store for your customers through diverse social media posts. Whether it’s a stunning visual, video, blog, or testimonial, we will put them up on the right social media channel. Our goal is simple: to help you reach a broader audience and convert more users.

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66% of Facebook users visit a local business page at least once a week.

Facebook Social Media Marketing

As the world’s largest social media channel, you can never go wrong with Facebook social media marketing.

Facebook has over 2.9 billion active users. That data alone means you can easily reach more potential customers, boost your website traffic, gain audience insights, and even spy on your competitors. And with its plethora of features, such as Facebook Insights, your business can stay ahead of the competition.

Sprout Digital’s Facebook social media marketing services include:

Instagram Social Media Marketing

Another leading player of the social media platforms, Instagram has garnered one billion users since 2010. Brands that use Instagram as a part of their digital marketing campaign saw an increase in profits – beginning at 48.8% and jumping to 71% in a matter of a year.

Instagram leaves the text post behind, allowing images and videos to speak for your company. This platform offers an excellent opportunity for the visual representation of your brand.

Sprout Digital’s Instagram social media marketing services include:

Before Instagram
After Instagram

In Just One Year!

Connect With More Than

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Youtube Social Media Marketing

Videos are an engaging medium. No wonder why people spend the most time on Youtube compared to other social media channels. According to statistics, 694,000 hours of video are streamed on this video-sharing platform each minute. Imagine if you can get some of those watch hours for your content, then you can promote your offerings further and increase your customer base!

The list of digital marketing strategies you can do on Youtube is endless. You can create and upload optimized videos, partner with influencers, or set up Youtube ads.

Sprout Digital’s Youtube social media marketing services include:

LinkedIn Social Media Marketing

You won’t find a business network as powerful as LinkedIn. There are currently 630 million professionals on LinkedIn, 4 out of 5 of which drive business decisions and have two times the buying power of the average social media audience. LinkedIn gives you access to this Herculean audience that would otherwise be near impossible to reach on one’s own.

LinkedIn is also a valuable tool in fostering business-based collaborations and connecting with potential employees when seeking to fill open positions. This networking channel can’t be beaten when striving to make connections.

Sprout Digital’s LinkedIn social media marketing services include:

Connect With Over


Take Advantage of Everything Social Media Has To Offer.

There’s no other best time to be on social media than now. Sprout Digital will help you build and grow your social media presence so you can easily showcase your business to the right audience.

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