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Through use of social media platforms, Sprout-Digital will help to create an online presence for your company or build on a preexisting one. We’ll use these established platforms to further connect with your audience and solidify your company’s brand – all while drawing traffic to your website and increasing sales.

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With 2.45 billion users, Facebook has the capacity of reaching a large audience. Facebook was established in 2004 and continues to persist as a leading social media presence. If you’re looking to reach out to new clients and generate growth, this social media platform is a great way to do so.

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Another leading player of the social media platforms, Instagram has garnered one billion users since 2010. Brands that use Instagram as a part of their campaign saw an increase in profits – beginning at 48.8% and jumping to 71% in a matter of a year.

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Instagram leaves the text post behind, allowing image and video to speak for your company. This platform offers great opportunity for visual representation of your brand.

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Seemingly an unlikely addition to your campaign, there’s no way to go wrong with Youtube. With 1.8 billion users and 5 billion videos being viewed daily, there is great opportunity in storing content on this platform.

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While Youtube may serve as a digital filing cabinet for audio and video content, a presence on multiple platforms, no matter the size or following, aids in increasing the authority of your brand across the web.

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You won’t find a business network as powerful as LinkedIn. There are currently 630 million professionals on LinkedIn, 4 out 5 of which who drive business decisions and have 2 times the buying power of the average social media audience. LinkedIn gives you access to this Herculean audience that would otherwise be near impossible to reach on one’s own.

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LinkedIn is also a useful tool in fostering business based collaborations and connecting with potential employees when seeking to fill open positions. This networking site can’t be beat when striving to make connections.

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