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At Sprout Digital, we also help you with our social media marketing services. Here, we’ll use established social media platforms for garnering information and eventually marketing it to your existing and potential clients.

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With a user-base of more than 2 billion, Facebook’s campaign is something that you cannot miss at all costs. This platform has established itself as one of the leading powerhouses of social media. So, whether you’re looking to reach out to new clients or generate the existing growth of your business, there’s no way you can ignore Facebook.

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A visual marketing platform with a user-base of 500 million, Instagram is yet another leading player in terms of social media marketing campaign. According to an estimate, the brands that used Instagram for their campaigns enjoyed greater profits from 48.8% to a whopping 71% within just one year.

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This platform too is relatively different from the other ones as it lets users share images, snapshots, videos, leaving the text based posts behind. This will allow a greater and better visual experience for your potential customers.

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When it comes to video marketing, there’s absolutely no way you can go wrong with YouTube. Often touted to be the master of videos, YouTube comes with more than 1 billion users who watch 4 billion videos almost regularly.

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Launching your marketing campaign on this platform won’t just inform your potential customers, but it’ll also gain pretty good favor from your audience. Even if you manage to get only a few views, you can later use it for increasing the authority of your brand across the web. 

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In terms of business networking, you will hardly find a company as efficient and viable as LinkedIn. With a user-base of more than 450 million professionals, this is the go-to platform for all collaborative businesses.

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Alternatively, you can also use it for business based collaborations and seeking new employees for your businesses. LinkedIn marketing will keep you an edge ahead in terms of collaboration and association with new potential users.

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