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Ours is the age of digitalization, where social media channels have maximum accessibility. It only makes sense then, that it is the digital age that paves way for better and stronger business communication. These means of making connections may not be as we traditionally think of them, but digital tools fare well in the modern day businesses’ tool box.

Founded in 2016 by Samantha and Mahmoud Boutaam to meet the growing demand for digital marketing services, Sprout-Digital has been solving communication quandaries with modern solutions ever since. The duo, with their extensive experience and concrete knowledge of digital marketing, work to propel forward both small and large business.

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Sprout-Digital will enhance your business’ visibility through means of strategic, deliberately calculated digital marketing campaigns. These campaigns will allow your business to receive attention from people searching for services like your own – meaning consumers with the very real potential of becoming your clients are able to find you.

In addition to our digital marketing services, Sprout Digital also offers a range of additional services like website design, SEO, lead generation and the likes of it.

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Here’s Why We Are Different

We Hear You Out

Once you contact us, we make a point to better to know you. By asking questions to better understand your goals and studying your existing market and brand, we make certain to put you and your business at the forefront.

We Plan Your Success

Sprout-Digital is unlike other marketing companies who might give you superficial ideas about brand promotions – we aren’t interested in those methods. At Sprout, we are dedicated to producing strategic, tried and true digital marketing campaigns that ensure organic growth of your clientele.

We Create Your Content

Your business is its own – we’ll create content that reflects its uniqueness; content that is tailored to resonate with the core values and brand of your company, and that your audience can relate to.

We Track your Success

We always make it a point to use leading metrics to figure out what works for your business, and what doesn’t. We deliver monthly reports to ensure that you have complete insight about the things that are going about in your business.

At Sprout Digital, we’ve set a bar for digital marketing agencies by boosting their businesses to their maximum potential.

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Meet Our Team

Samantha Boutaam

Co-Owner / CEO

As the founder of Sprout Digital, Samantha finds passion and excitement in her continual quest for helping businesses grow. She understands the challenges faced by CEO’s and Marketing Directors in planning and executing successful marketing and sales strategies which yield results. She enjoys tackling challenges and discovering hidden opportunities for clients. No surprise, you will likely find her brainstorming new marketing methods with a strong coffee in hand.

Mahmoud Boutaam

Co-Owner / COO

Mahmoud is our “Yes Man” – his glass is always half full (even when it isn’t). His enthusiasm for new growth opportunities is contagious. Mahmoud takes great efforts to grow lasting partnership between Sprout Digital’s internal strategists and our client business owners and is an excellent resource for blueprinting sales strategies with our partners to increase their bottom line. Outside of the office, you will likely find him in the gym or enjoying time with his wife and their two children.

Paige McCain

Content Manager

Paige understands the importance of language and is committed to crafting messages that resonate with your audience. Her passions lie in fostering human connection through various platforms and mediums. If not spending time with said humans, Paige is most likely to be found writing flash fiction or talking to her plants.

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson

web developer

Kyle is a web designer that likes creating mobile friendly websites with a positive user experience. By using web analytics he optimizes websites over time to improve conversion results. When not reviewing web data he likes to binge watch on Netflix with his wife and 3 cats.

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