Do Contractors Really Need A Professional Website?

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It’s shocking to learn that 41% of small business owners believe their company doesn’t need a website. This also rings true for home contractors. 

While everyone and everything are going digital, some construction professionals still feel like a website does not apply to the industry they’re in and ignore the significant advantages of having one. Whether you’re a home remodeler, a flooring specialist, or a house painter, you can benefit from having a professional website. It can put your services in front of more homeowners and help you win more jobs. 

Still not convinced that your contractor business needs a website? Let’s detail what a website can do for you. 

Your services will be easily found.

If you think homeowners don’t search for contractors online, think again. People nowadays no longer flip Yellow Pages or phonebooks when looking for a plumber, roofer, or lawn care specialist. They instead go to Google and choose from the businesses that appear in the first page of search results. 

Not having a website means you’re missing out on the opportunity to get discovered by online users searching for the kind of work that you do. 

A website solidifies your credibility.

Without a website or any form of online presence, homeowners might question if you’re legitimate or not. A website can show people you’re real, operating, and serious about offering your services. 

It also helps you stand out from the crowd. Just think about this: two of you in your neighborhood provide the same home improvement service. Your competitor has a beautiful website with lots of positive reviews and images of past work, while you have none. Who do you think the client will choose?

Websites offer social proof.

Through a website, you can showcase the projects you have completed, share client testimonials, and display your certifications and awards. All these can help fortify your reputation and create trust among clients. 

Homeowners want to know if you’ve been providing services to others or not and see the experiences of your past clients to decide if they’ll hire you for the job. 

You can obtain new leads.

A website design complete with visible call-to-actions, contact forms, and advanced quote forms can act as an electronic business card that can bring new job leads right to your door. And not just any leads, but high-value ones in your local area, looking for your exact service. 

A website can strengthen your relationship with existing clients.

While using social media is a more effective way to keep in touch with people, your website can also be a great networking tool. You can add chatbots or WhatsApp chat to interact with your current clients or even integrate social media features like Facebook Messenger chat.

So, do you really need a professional website?

Given all the reasons above, the answer is an obvious YES. 

But we’re not talking about a basic website made using some free site builders. What we mean is a fully functional, mobile-friendly, and SEO-optimized website created by a professional web design company.

Sprout Digital is experienced in creating beautiful and adaptive websites for contractor businesses specializing in roofing, floor polishing and coating, house painting, stucco repair, landscaping, pool & deck repair, and more. To schedule a consultation, contact us at 937.528.1423​.


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