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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the simplest options for the businesses that are looking to generate new customers quickly. One of the biggest examples of this advertising platform is Google AdWords program that targets your leads and generates money from them.

Our team conducts a thorough keyword search and uses it effectively to come up with ads that’ll target the audience who visits your platform. And this doesn’t just improve your visibility but it also helps you earn a couple of extra bucks.

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PPC Campaign Audits

At Sprout Digital, we will help you with PPC campaign audits. We have a team of audit specialists who will spot the best ad formats and extensions for your sites. Our team will comprehensively assist you in exceling at the competitive markets, in terms of search and social PPC.  

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Bing Advertisements

We will optimize your website with Bing advertisements, so that every time a potential customer looks for your service, they automatically stumble upon your website. This network will help you connect with the kind of audience that searches around six million times every month.

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PPC campaign setup

Setting up a PPC campaign isn’t easy and that is exactly why we are here to help. Our team will set up, implement, and organize the campaign so that you can use it to your maximum potential.

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Paid social media advertisements

We will also work with paid advertisements on social media. This means advertisements about your website and services will pop up on the newsfeed of your targeted audience. Paid social ads are one of the best ways to increase our local reach.

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