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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click advertising is of the simplest methods for garnering attention and generating new customers quickly. Google AdWords, one of the biggest players in advertising platforms, works to target potential leads and those searching for services similar to your own.

Through means of conducting a thorough keyword search, our team will generate ads targeting an audience pertinent to those you are trying to reach. Pay-per-click advertising puts your company front and center. Furthermore, when your ad gets clicks, you’ll make back the money you put into creating it.

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PPC Campaign Audits

Sprout-Digital’s audit specialists are here to aid in your pay-per-click campaign. Our team will figure out the best ad formats and extensions for your sites, guiding you to success in your market industry through pay-per-click advertising, and ultimately, Google search rankings.

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Bing Advertisements

Around six million searches are performed every month on Bing – that’s a huge audience to potentially miss out on reaching! Sprout-Digital won’t let you pass up that opportunity, which is why we’ll optimize your website with Bing advertisements, increasing the likelihood of potential customers stumbling upon your site.

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PPC campaign setup

Creating a PPC campaign is no simple task – but we won’t leave you to dry. Our team will be present every step of the way, from organizing to implementing your campaign.

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Paid social media advertisements

Surely, you’ve seen paid advertisements on social media – and it’s no surprise! Over three billion people actively use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You don’t even need to advertise on all these platforms. We’ll determine which social media site your audience is present on and advertise accordingly.

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